The year 2016 is a breakthrough for the Podkarpackie Zakłady Mechaniczne (Podkarpackie Mechanical Works), operating in the metal-machine industry since the 1980s. As a result of the development and transformation of the company, a new cooperating company – Południowa Grupa Handlowa (Southern Commercial Group) – is formed. Its purpose is to explore the market in search of modern solutions to revolutionize the activities of its customers. PGH experts raise the bar high for themselves.
By implementing innovative solutions proven by business world leaders, they want to bring their clients’ businesses to a higher level. Thus increasing their competitive edge.

The products offered by LINE-X Corporation are tested in tough conditions, they are trusted by US Army and fields of their application are expanding day by day. This confirms PGH’s belief that they offer their customers the most professional and effective product on the market.



The twentieth century has brought an increased risk of terrorist attacks, so after 11 September 2001, LINE-X Corporation focused on developing a new product line - PAXCON, dedicated to defensive and military operations. PAXCON's protective layers are able to minimize the effects of bomb and ballistic attacks. The US Army and the Department of Defense have acknowledged PAXCON as the most appropriate measure to minimize the effects of terrorist attacks (selected from 27 other products). There, PAXCON has been a strategic partner of the US Army since 2002. The cause of the most serious injuries and the highest number of fatalities during a ballistic attack are splinters produced during such an attack. PAXCON 2100 is a coating that breaks the projectile's impact on the object, stopping splinters within its structure. This completely eliminates ricochet (splash of splinters), responsible for secondary injuries. PAXCON is used among others by the US Army to coat:

  • bulletproof vests
  • combat vehicles (Hummers, tanks, helicopters ,motor pontoons)
  • discs
  • the so-called butts used at shooting ranges
  • buildings of government administration and public buildings

Due to the positive results of the tests and the need for protective layers to cover larger areas, another product has been created: PAXCON - 3350. It is a protective layer, which is resistant to blasting explosives. The wall coated with PAXCON can bear explosions up to 20 times bigger compared to the wall without coating. It is ensured by ERC (Energy Resistant Coating) material that is flexible, but stronger than steel. As a result of the explosion, the walls coated with PAXCON are bent, but not damaged. The coating can be used for various types of construction materials including: steel, ceramics, concrete, bricks, hollow bricks, wood. The quality and effectiveness of PAXCON have been appreciated by the United States government and the US army, who decided to cover with it most of the government buildings that could be targeted by terrorist attacks, incl. the Pentagon. Thereby LINE-X Corporation has become the strategic partner of the US Army. .


Among the key advantages of PAXCON's protective coatings, apart from the outstanding durability, resistance to projectiles and explosions, following features are worth mentioning:

  • Application speed
  • Attractive price compared to other products of this type, at the same time with increased efficiency
  • Confirmation of the coating's effectiveness during ballistic tests, as well as in combat conditions during the operations of the US Army
  • Possibility to use both with new and previously exposed surfaces
  • Total safety for environment
  • Providing a uniform surface structure that ensures full splinter-proof and explosion-proof protection
  • Protection against corrosion, rust and increased abrasion resistance
  • Perfect adaptability thanks to a wide range of colors

Above PAXCON's advantages and assets have been confirmed during a series of tests conducted by explosives experts and scientists. The product was presented during the FPED exhibition in 2001 at Quantico, Virginia, at the stand of the US Air Force Exploratory Lab. Air Force Representatives passed a message that PAXCON was the only one of 27 tested coatings, which passed all tests successfully (including the explosion endurance test). In order to demonstrate the product's characteristics, the test was carried out in a way that enabled exhibitors to watch it. At the place of the show there were two walls made of hollow bricks cemented with lime mortar. One of the walls coated with PAXCON layer, even in the case of an explosion for which 23 kg of TNT was used, it remained unchanged as opposed to the latter, which was completely destroyed. All tests were successful also in case of PAXCON 2100 with bulletproof properties. It was awarded with the certificate of HP White Laboratory Inc. in September 2007 - one of the most restrictive research and ballistic centers in the United States. The tests were conducted with weapons of following calibers: 7.62x39 mm; 5.56x45 mm; 7.62x51 mm. Test samples were mounted 18 m away from the muzzle at zero degrees angle. PAXCON 2100 proved to be 100% effective with every type of weapon tested.

opis aplikacji PAXCON

LINE-X protective coatings are applied with use of specially designed technical machines. To ensure the highest quality of polyurethane layers, we use only branded components and top-class devices (GRACO, BASF, DuPont). The product is made of two components (polyurethane and isocyanate) combined at the appropriate temperature and pressure. LINE-X layers can be used on different beds. Perfect for:

    • Metal
    • Ceramics
    • Plastic materials
    • Concrete
    • Wood
    • Styrofoam
    • Stone

Duration of the product's solidifying after its application, depending on the type of surface and ambient conditions, is very short and lasts from 3 to 12 seconds. This gives the immediate opportunity to use the space, and fullness of coating properties' potential is reached within 24 to 48 hours after coating. Meanwhile, internal microstructure of the product is fully reinforced.


LINE-X products are tested by the most restrictive testing and certification laboratories:

  • OCM Orange County Material Test Laboratories
  • WRAS Water Regulations Advisory Scheme
  • SRTL Smithers Rapra Technology Ltd.
  • MSHA Mine Safety & Health Administration
  • ASTM American Society for Testing and Materials

Their operation is proved by numerous certificates and attestations indicating that their use is both effective and safe:

  • EC Declaration of Conformity
  • EU Declarations of Conformity
  • CE certificate
  • Certificate of contact with food
  • Certificate of electric properties
  • Attestation of material's contact with children
  • Certificate of anti-slip properties
  • Attestation of contact with drinking water
  • Attestation of contact with salt (sea) water
  • PZH attestation (Polish National Institute of Hygiene)
  • ETAG and BBA approvals
  • EN 13501-1 Fire safety standard

Also Podkarpacie Mechanical Works (Podkarpackie Zakłady Mechaniczne), which are closely related to Południowa Grupa Handlowa (Southern Commercial Group), can guarantee efficiency and safety featured by numerous certificates:

  • ISO 9001:2009 Quality Certificate in the field of manufacturing and repair of parts, subassemblies, mechanical appliances, military training equipment
  • the license granted by the Minister of Interior and Administration to carry out economic activity in the field of production and transactions on firearms, ammunition and products and technology for military or police purposes
  • NATO Commercial and Government Entity Code issued by the Military Center for Standardization, Quality and Codification
  • the qualification certificate issued by Gliwice Welding Institute (officially: Instytut Spawalnictwa in Gliwice)
  • the supplier certificate for "WSK PZL Aircraft Propulsion Division" (Zakład Napędów Lotniczych WSK PZL)
  • the "Transparent Company" certificate granted by Dun & Bradstreet (D&B) Poland in co-operation with FACTOR In Bank, Forbes and Bisnode

Supervision over PZM products is carried out externally by the District Military Representative as well as by scientists from AGH University of Science and Technology in Krakow and Rzeszów University of Technology. With attested high qualifications, PZM has also become a member of such organizations as:

  • Aviation Valley - Key National Cluster
  • Metal Processing Cluster - Key National Cluster
  • Eastern Metal Processing Cluster
  • Dębica Industiral Park Association
  • awarded with the "FAMILY BUSINESS" logo by the Family Businesses Foundation

Application of PAXCON