About Bullet Liner:

What is Bullet Liner?

The theme of many action films is a desire to achieve product protection at the level of their indestructibility. What seemed to be an unattainable dream in recent years, has now become a reality. Moreover, these are not the solutions available only for chosen ones. The highest safety level of protective coatings can fullfill its functions in your company. The Bullet Liner product line includes protective polyurethane coatings for various applications. All of them are: non-slip, elastic, resilient, impact-resistant and they feature the so-called "shape memory", which increases the strength and durability of the coated parts. The use of Bullet Liner technology increases year by year through entering the fields that were not included in the initial assumptions. Thinking out of the box and openness to customer expectations, which are features of Bullet Liner Corporation specialists, allow for continuous development of the product use in the light industry, the heavy industry, the military, in automotive companies as well as with personal customers, architects, designers and design engineers. Application of Bullet Liner coatings:

  • industrial halls
  • production lines
  • ramps
  • ladders
  • floors
  • warehouses
  • (residential, storage, transport) containers
  • barracks
  • steel structures
  • farms (floors for stables, barns, pig farms and poultry farms)
  • transport of cattle, horses, etc.
  • foundation (use of insulation properties)
  • basements threatened with rising damp
  • garages (large and compact)
  • motor vehicle inspection stations
  • garage pits in car workshops
  • in areas where watercourses occur (groundwaters, rivers, lakes, etc.)


  • Wide range of applications - Bullet Liner features in its assortment a wide range of products of versatile nature, whereas all of them are designed within the scope of the widest possible application.
  • Chemical resistance - Tests carried out by an independent OCM research laboratory (ISO 17025 certified) have shown that Bullet Liner layers are resistant to many chemicals such as chlorine, gas, diesel oil, most of solvents and more.
  • Resistance to mechanical damage - The specific internal structure of Bullet Liner protective layer guarantees resistance to impact, vibrations and abrasion.
  • The guarantee of quality backed by tests and certificates - Cooperation with various industry branches has resulted in a range of products that meet the many standards and specifications (safe in contact with food, fire resistance, chemical resistance, tightness, impact strength, ballistic and explosive resistance, shape memory).
  • Tightness of the coating - Thanks to its tight structure, Bullet Liner provides protection against dirt, moisture and corrosion.
  • Esthetics and fitting - Due to the wide application of coatings, the manufacturer enables to draw any color of RAL color palette.


Bullet Liner products are tested by the most restrictive testing and certification laboratories:

  • OCM Orange County Material Test Laboratories
  • WRAS Water Regulations Advisory Scheme
  • SRTL Smithers Rapra Technology Ltd.
  • MSHA Mine Safety & Health Administration
  • ASTM American Society for Testing and Materials

Their operation is proved by numerous certificates and attestations indicating that their use is both effective and safe:

  • EC Declaration of Conformity
  • EU Declarations of Conformity
  • CE certificate
  • Certificate of contact with food
  • Certificate of electric properties
  • Attestation of material's contact with children
  • Certificate of anti-slip properties
  • Attestation of contact with drinking water
  • Attestation of contact with salt (sea) water
  • PZH attestation (Polish National Institute of Hygiene)
  • ETAG and BBA approvals
  • EN 13501-1 Fire safety standard

Also Podkarpacie Mechanical Works (Podkarpackie Zakłady Mechaniczne), which are closely related to Południowa Grupa Handlowa (Southern Commercial Group), can guarantee efficiency and safety featured by numerous certificates:

  • ISO 9001:2009 Quality Certificate in the field of manufacturing and repair of parts, subassemblies, mechanical appliances, military training equipment
  • the license granted by the Minister of Interior and Administration to carry out economic activity in the field of production and transactions on firearms, ammunition and products and technology for military or police purposes
  • NATO Commercial and Government Entity Code issued by the Military Center for Standardization, Quality and Codification
  • the qualification certificate issued by Gliwice Welding Institute (officially: Instytut Spawalnictwa in Gliwice)
  • the supplier certificate for "WSK PZL Aircraft Propulsion Division" (Zakład Napędów Lotniczych WSK PZL)
  • the "Transparent Company" certificate granted by Dun & Bradstreet (D&B) Poland in co-operation with FACTOR In Bank, Forbes and Bisnode

Supervision over PZM products is carried out externally by the District Military Representative as well as by scientists from AGH University of Science and Technology in Krakow and Rzeszów University of Technology. With attested high qualifications, PZM has also become a member of such organizations as:

  • Aviation Valley - Key National Cluster
  • Metal Processing Cluster - Key National Cluster
  • Eastern Metal Processing Cluster
  • Dębica Industiral Park Association
  • awarded with the "FAMILY BUSINESS" logo by the Family Businesses Foundation

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