The revolutionary technology that custom fits the future. Resistant to impact, explosions and even to bullet strength. Now you can also take advantage of a flexible, resilient, non-slip coating, which features the so-called "shape memory".

The only coating that passed all blasting explosives' tests, thus giving its manufacturer the title of the strategic US Army partner. Used to cover not only combat vehicles or bulletproof vests, but also entire buildings.

A transparent coating that repels not only water, but also oils and solvents. Resistant to abrasion, UV radiation and corrosion. Protect the surface for every circumstance!

The medium which significantly optimizes business costs in the industry. It exhibits superhydrophobic and oleophobic properties on the surfaces coated, thus extending their service life.

The product owing to which masking unpleasant odors sinks into oblivion. The first solution that imitates the processes occurring in nature, thus completely neutralizing the chemical compounds responsible for the formation of odor.

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